A seasonal change is quickly approaching. The hills are decked in their late autumn finery and a chill hangs in the morning air. It’s late fall 2022 in North Carolina’s mountains, which means it’s election season. We are now less than three weeks away from Election Day, November 8th.

There is a sense of unease among many voters, who fear their votes and voices will not be heard. And finding consensus among competing interests is a daunting task. There are very few political candidates who can appeal to these competing interests.

There is, however, a promising candidate in North Carolina whose common-sense approach on important issues can bridge these political gaps.

The Right Man for Our Times

Ben MasseyBen Massey, Jr., a moderate Democratic hopeful running for NC House District 93, is the candidate we need for these troubled times. As former House Representative Ray Russell said, “Ben cares about people and knows the issues that impact the lives of hard-working people in the 93rd House District—affordable healthcare, quality education for all, clean air and water, creating economic growth, and assisting farmers. He has my enthusiastic support.”

Attracting Voters of All Persuasions

Ben’s appeal extends well beyond the Democratic base. He is a thoughtful man whose honesty and integrity attracts people of all persuasions.

When Ben speaks and shares his vision for North Carolina, people stop and listen. What they hear is a man who clearly speaks to their concerns, regardless of their political leanings. That is why Wadsworth Duane (“Skip”) Roy, III, registered Republican voter, has pledged support to Ben’s campaign, saying, “I am absolutely committed to seeing people of character and integrity like Ben in the state and national legislatures.”

Sharing a Vision of Unity

To his credit, Ben’s ability to articulate a vision of unity even attracts voters with no specific party affiliation. Unaffiliated voter Robert G. Johnson, says, “It takes guts, will and social commitment to have the courage to run. Ben’s attitude of helping others, and his reasonableness in debate to ideas of others makes him what our society needs.”

Protecting the Rights and Freedoms of All People

Ben Massey, Jr., is what our society needs: a man with the strength of character to stand firm on important issues of justice and equality. An individual who will never hesitate to raise his voice to protect the rights and freedoms of the people.
Ben Massey, Jr. is exactly the right man for our times and the candidate we need.