Some occupations have a much greater degree of importance for the overall well-being and advancement of a civilized world.

Certainly, physicians and law enforcement are critical roles for a healthy, civilized society, but there are two jobs that may be the most important and vital positions of all – farmers and teachers! Take a moment to consider how important these professions are for sustaining a healthy, progressive society.

The Critical Role of Teachers and Education

Teachers bring us out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of knowledge. Without teachers and educators, we would have no doctors or police to provide health and security. There would be no builders or tradespeople to build our great cities, no artists or craftspeople to bring joy and beauty into our lives. A human being is not born as a certified builder, carpenter or craftsman. These are skills that must be taught!

“Many people have the wisdom and insight to understand the vital roles farmers and teachers hold in our world. Ben Massey, Jr., is one of these people.”


How Farmers Play a Vital Role in Society

Farmers play a role in society that may be of even greater importance. It is the tillers of soil who bring food to our tables and provide the fibers for clothing. Without our farmers providing the food and nourishment for sustaining life and health, there would be no teachers to educate our children, to instruct doctors in the arts of healing or enlighten police officers on their roles in civil security. Within this context can it not be argued that farmers are possibly the most essential workers in modern society?

Many people have the wisdom and insight to understand the vital roles farmers and teachers hold in our world. Ben Massey, Jr., is one of these people.

Ben’s Dedication to Supporting Farmers and Teachers

As a candidate running for public office this fall in the North Carolina House of Representatives, Ben recognizes the value that all citizens can bring as contributing members to our American democratic society. His unyielding support for farmers and American agriculture is clearly demonstrated when he states, “It’s time we bring farmers back to the forefront of economic policy and recognize farmers as essential workers.”

Ben’s values are our values. You understand when he says, “Our state’s support for higher education needs to be recalibrated and valued as an investment in our future”, because that’s what education is…an investment in our future. And that is why Ben backs significant investment in public education. After years of budget cuts, Ben is determined to change this trend.  “Competitive salaries and supportive professional work environments where teachers feel respected and appreciated are necessary to retain and recruit the best teachers, and related services staff.”

Let’s Work Together for A Better World

Ben is a man of vision with a commitment to making our world a little better place to live. He is a quiet but very determined individual who can bring about a positive change in our lives, but only if we support his message of hope and optimism and elect him in November to the North Carolina House of Representatives, District 93.

Together, we can all make a difference.


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